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I used the original rope one time to test the system's suitability for my intended application. 2 pulley wheels shattered under normal use, pulling by hand. Pulley shatters and rope jams.

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Apr 02, 2017 · Mechanical Advantage: The Concept. There are many forms of mechanical advantage, but generally, when we use the term, we are talking about the use of ropes and pulleys (block and tackle) as a means of amplifying forces in a system, allowing us to pull much greater loads than we would otherwise be able to. The Pulley System makes use of a disk-shaped block that a rope wraps around to create a simple machine. The tension force that is applied on one side of the rope uses the pulley system to divert the force in a different direction.

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Mar 19, 2010 · Wondering if there is any harm in running smaller-than-design rope through a pulley or rigging block meant for larger rope. For example, is there an issue with using 1/2" or 5/8" rope in a pulley designed for 3/4" rope? [/ QUOTE ] What you are asking: Is it OK to run a rope of smaller diameter on a pulley that is designed for a larger diameter ...

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Pulley system pulleys: Petzl Mini and Petzl Partner (91% efficiency) Redirect pulley: Rock Exotica Large Omni Block; Rope grabs: Petzl Tibloc, Petzl Basic; Load: rocks in an Aspiring 75litre PVC Bag; Premade 5:1 pulley system; One person applying force to the end of the pulley system – via a cowstail on a harness. The setup A rope looped through a pulley attached to a fixed spot, e.g. a barn roof rafter, and attached to the weight is called a single pulley. It has a mechanical advantage (MA) = 1 (assuming frictionless bearings in the pulley), moving no mechanical advantage (or disadvantage) however advantageous the change in direction may be.

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Buy from a reputable supplier, there are aerial equipment suppliers that provide pulley systems, or if you assemble your own pulley system, use mountain climbing quiality equipment. Inspect your rope often, If you need replacement rope, the rope most commonly used and the rope you originally got from Aerial Animals pulley system is the mountain climbing rope, 11 mm, Static, ( not dynamic rope)